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  • Raygen Magiera

A Tribute to My Parents: The Guardians of Education

As I reflect on this week, with my eldest son starting varsity, my MBA graduation and the values that have shaped my life, the story of my parents stands out as a testament to the power of education. My father, a hardworking boilermaker, and my mother, the meticulous planner who kept our home running like a well-oiled machine, were the architects of my siblings' and my academic journey. They instilled in us the belief that education is the key to unlocking a bright future, a principle they lived by every day.

Growing up, I watched my parents make sacrifices to ensure we received the best education possible. Their dedication saw us attending prestigious schools across the country, a clear indication of their commitment to our future. Behind this was my father's unfulfilled dream of becoming a lawyer, a path he had to abandon due to unforeseen circumstances that led him to leave school and become a skilled artisan.

However, his story didn't end there. In a remarkable turn of events, I experienced one of the most memorable moments of my life in 1997 when I wrote my matric exams alongside my dad. Despite his success in the mining industry, he never lost sight of the importance of completing his education. His determination was infectious and inspiring.

Even at 64, my father's quest for knowledge didn't wane. He achieved a qualification as a moderator for merSETA, embarking on a new journey of educating and inspiring others. His actions spoke volumes about the value of lifelong learning and the belief that it's never too late to pursue your dreams.

My parents' story is more than a narrative about educational achievements; it's a story of resilience, dedication, and the enduring power of dreams. They have been my greatest teachers, not just in academics, but in life. Their legacy is etched not only in their professional accomplishments but more so in the lives of their children, whom they have equipped with the wisdom and strength to forge our own paths. In sharing their story, I hope to illuminate the transformative impact of education and the profound influence of parents who dare to dream for their children.


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