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  • Raygen Magiera

In the Personal Journey of Leadership and Unexpected Compassion

Over the past few months, which extend into the final stretch of 2023, I've navigated what can only be described as a tumultuous journey. My role, an intricate tapestry weaving together HR, Operations (a term vastly insufficient to capture its breadth), Health and Safety, Equity, and more, demands an extraordinary level of organization and control. This, coupled with pursuing my MBA, has been an exhaustive yet enriching experience. Thankfully, the wisdom imparted by mentors over the years has equipped me to keep my mental health in check, allowing me to give my best to those I care for and ensure their interests are protected.

In the realms of executive leadership, where titles vary but the essence of responsibility remains constant, the question "How are you doing?" is seldom heard. Yet, recently, I found myself on the receiving end of this inquiry for the first time in many years, an experience both startling and deeply moving.

A few years back, we took a chance on an HR intern whose dedication and prowess swiftly carved her path to becoming our full-time HR officer. Side by side, she has weathered storms with me and my colleagues, proving her mettle time and again. Despite the generational gap that could easily cast her in the role of my daughter, her professional acumen is undeniable.

The catalyst for reflection came unexpectedly, disguised as a routine meeting request titled “Check-in” from her. Anticipating a standard debrief, I entered the boardroom, armed with notes and expectations for a dialogue centered around tasks and feedback. However, the conversation took an unforeseen turn the moment we sat down. Her simple yet profound question, "I just wanted to check in and see how you are doing?" caught me off guard, its impact resonating deeply within me.

In a world where professional dialogues seldom veer into the realm of personal well-being, this moment of genuine concern marked a pivotal shift. The conversation that ensued was, without exaggeration, one of the most heartfelt and meaningful exchanges I've had in recent memory, a poignant reminder of the human element often overshadowed by the mechanics of management.

This encounter has left me with a renewed sense of admiration for this remarkable young woman, whose journey in HR seems not only destined but also deeply intertwined with the very essence of empathy and understanding. Her intuitive approach to leadership and care has not only set a benchmark for HR excellence but has also reminded me of the invaluable impact of simple human kindness in the corporate world.


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