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  • Raygen Magiera

Teenagers are Aliens

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

I've got a dynamic duo of boys, just 17 months apart, and let me tell you, they might as well be from different planets! My older one is strutting his stuff in Matric now. Academic struggles have been his lifelong hobby. I always thought he'd be the star of an "out the box” school, but alas, our options are scarce in the area we live in, so mainstream school it was. He has always had a talent for the "laid-back" approach, and my husband and I often wondered if he was auditioning for the role of Couch Potato King. He'd manage to barely scrape by on his grades, and that's when the parental orchestra of shouting, screaming, and door slamming would kick in. He was a one-man band of avoiding friends and holing up in his room, a true loner.

We even sent him for therapy suspecting he was on the brink of becoming a depressed teenager. But lo and behold, the feedback was that he was just a "well-rounded" young man cruising through life. Ah, the battles we fought: the shower showdowns, the toothbrush tug-of-wars, and the room rebellion. I even started believing that the notion of him making it to Matric was as believable as a unicorn riding a rainbow.

But here comes the twist in our cosmic tale! Fast forward to 2023, and guess what? There's a new visitor in our household, and I suspect Area 51 might have had something to do with it. Our academic astronaut has switched on his brain's light switch, and he's shining brighter than a supernova! Suddenly, he's out and about like a social butterfly! His nose is practically glued to those textbooks, and he's racking up grades so impressive, they're almost otherworldly. He's got placement offers from not one, but two institutions! And let me tell you, the alien takeover doesn't stop there. I now receive WhatsApp messages that sound like a robotic reminder service, demanding past paper printing, and he's even asked me to perform a smartphone exorcism to keep distractions at bay during his sacred study time. It's official, folks: I've got an alien resident under my roof, and he is on a mission to conquer the academic universe in the year 2023 – it's his time to shine, whether we were ready for it or not!


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